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Aluminium works

Aluminium Works


The high-performance aluminium doors and windows features commercial and semi-commercial designs in various finishing that emphasize on aesthetics, durability, functionality and worry-free maintenance.

Types of products

  • Louvers
  • Sun roof
  • Trellis
  • Post
  • Façade
  • Canopy Roof

Glass works

Glass Works


Our glass wall system offers design with special options and control for a feel that's both aesthetically as well as fully functional with an elegant modern outlook.

Types of products

  • Glass Panel
  • Door Series
  • Window Series
  • Staircase Railing
  • Shower Screen

Prelux Balustrading

Prelux Balustrading


Prelux is our company new product. We do registered the copyright for this product.

Prelux is a product design upload to our company philosophy and the development of diverse, functional, durable and cost-effective product range. Its special features is the flexibility of the adapter devices, it can help consumers to save cost.

Effect of Weather

  • While UV eventually will be causing paint to fade, but aluminium is unaffected by weather. Aluminium handrail will never lose its structural integrity. In fact, aluminium gets stronger with age.


  • Can create fine shapes akin to wrought iron or wider shapes similar to wood. The consumer can create, mix and match to achieve the unique look you derive no matter on shape or colour.


  • From a structural point of view, aluminium handrail will not corrosion or decay like woods, it won’t rush away in the critical joints like steel or wrought iron does and it won’t crack like PVC.

Low Maintenance

  • Aluminium handrail does not need to be painted over one year. The paint is places in an even to temperature on over 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the mean that coated aluminium extrusion will last many years with only periodic cleaning required.

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